Matthew 5:9

Matthew 5:9

“The peacemakers are blessed, for they will be called sons of God.”

Peace is in high demand today. How we long for peace in this world and peace in our hearts. How’s your heart? True peace is only found in Jesus Christ. He is the Prince of Peace. When we have His peace our hearts are rested and ready. We are called to be peacemakers.

We have a ministry of reconciliation as ambassadors for Christ. We were once at war with God, our sin ruled, it was king of our hearts.

Today, if Christ is in you, He is King and Rules your heart. Have you laid down your sword? We have an opportunity to help others see, hear, and believe Jesus. We are peacemakers if Christ lives and reigns in us, if not, we are being disobedient Christ followers.

Lastly, we are sons and daughters of God. We support our Heavenly Father’s mission. We are in the family business.

Open His Word and Enjoy.


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